Glass Coverage

While replacing glass might not seem very expensive to those who have never had to pay for it, glass can be extremely costly, especially in the case of specialty glass such as plate glass, UV-resistant glass, or double paned glass.

Many insurance companies offer glass insurance to their customers, usually in the form of a rider attached to an existing insurance policy.

Auto Glass Insurance is often made available as part of a comprehensive insurance package and some insurance policies will waive the deductible when auto glass needs to be replaced or refinished. The policy may include exclusions for certain types of events which cause broken glass; but it usually includes accidents, vandalism, and certain natural events, such as a tree limb falling on a car. Auto glass insurance sometimes also includes a contract with a glass company which regularly works with the insurer, and offers services such as refinishing of holes or pits in windshields for free.

Structural glass in homes, condominiums, commercial buildings, retail establishments, and so forth can also be covered with glass insurance. The insurance may be purchased by tenants or the property owner, and is designed to payout to replace glass damaged by vandalism and most natural events, although damages caused by fires, war, and rioting may not be covered, depending on the terms of the policy.

Costs for glass insurance vary, depending on the type of glass and the location. Individuals who live or do business in areas prone to breaking glass, such as earthquake-prone areas or districts where vandals commonly strike, will have to pay more for their glass insurance, reflecting the increased risk. People with a relatively low risk can pay a lower rate, and some insurance companies also do not count glass insurance claims as a claim against the policy as a whole, which means that when glass is replaced by the insurance company, the cost of the overall policy will not go up.


Now there’s an effortless way to replace your broken windows. By purchasing a simple Glass Insurance policy from us, you’ll protect yourself against the expense of replacing broken skylights and windows. With coverage on all exterior glass, our Glass Insurance policy allows you to restore your view with the following benefits:

  • No deductible (compared to $500 or more on your basic home policy)
  • Claims do not affect your home policy
  • You choose the repair shop you want

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