The only thing worse than being underinsured, is being underinsured and unaware of the risks. As soon as you become the legal owner, insurance coverage on your condominium should begin.

The type of coverage depends, in part, on the value of your contents. Even small repairs or upgrades to your condominium - such as wall coverings, cabinetry, flooring, renovations to a kitchen or bathroom - may or may not be covered by your building association’s policy. Goldmine Insurance specialists can help you get the right amount of coverage for your permanent “additions and alterations”, and avoid costly setback at the time of a loss. Some important coverage options to discuss with your insurer are:

Personal Property

This protects your furnishings and assets (furniture, clothing, electronic equipment, etc.) against loss. Any policy for your condo must take care of all of your personal valuables, whether on the premises or off.


It is our responsibility towards other. Lawsuits affecting condo owners are common and costly. Whether it's accidental damage caused by water to a neighbor’s unit, or someone slips and falls in your condo, you could be faced with a lawsuit. That’s why it is important to work with an insurance specialist like Goldmine Insurance, who can help you get the right amount of liability coverage. Comprehensive Personal Liability protects you and your family if you are sued. This coverage provides protection both on and off premises.

Valuable Assets Coverage

The condominium policy provides a limited amount of coverage for your jewelry, furs, silver, or any other valuable articles. You can further protect your treasures by adding a requirement or clause to your policy.

Sewer Back-Up Claims

Most home policies don’t include the backing up or escape of water from your sewer, sump or septic tank. For a very small additional premium you can purchase the "Sewer Back Up" extension to cover this policy exclusion.

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