Home Based Business

You need comprehensive, flexible coverage to protect your business and its assets. We can help.

Your home may be where you lay your head at night, but is it also where you work? When your workplace is also your home-base then you might be under the mistaken belief that your business is insured under the liability and contents coverage you have with your home insurance policy; it's not, unless your home insurer knows you operate a business out of your home.  Your home-based business is an important source of income for you and your family. But, even though you operate out of your own home or rented premises, your home insurance may not cover any business-related losses you suffer as a result of a fire, water damage or other accident.

Before you choose commercial business coverage, compare our products and services.  Our professional loss-control services provide clients with highly qualified loss-control consultation and risk-improvement information. Call our expert to know how Depending on your business, we may be able to add your home-based business to your home policy to cover you for unforeseen circumstances like a liability claim or damage to your business property (both on- and off-site). If you have your home insurance with us, you don’t need a separate policy for your home business – just an extension to your existing home policy.

How do you know if you qualify for our Home Business Package?

  • Your home is occupied as your principal residence
  • You are the sole owner and operate no other business under the same name
  • Total gross annual income does not exceed $100,000
  • You only operate out of your home or attached structure

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