Our experts work on your behalf as a trusted and integral part of your extended advisory team, to help you analyze your business and develop the insurance program you need to keep you and your investments safe and secure.

Business Insurance

For over a decade, our professional Corporate Insurance experts have partnered with leading businesses, employing key risk reduction strategies to protect the long-term value of your efforts and hard work against the unforeseen.   MORE »

Trucks & Cargo

When determining your trucking company's premium, the insurance company will consider factors which increase or decrease the chances that a loss will occur, and its potential size. Insurance is a unique product where the actual cost of the product is known only after the product has been sold.   MORE »

Taxi & Fleet

We provide insurance for several major taxi companies in Surrey. Fleet discounts for insurance to five or more vehicles registered by one legal entity or individual.  MORE » 

Home Based Business

When your workplace is also your home-base then you might be under the mistaken belief that your business is insured under the liability and contents coverage you have with your home insurance policy.   MORE »


For commercial vehicles that regularly travel within two or more jurisdictions in Canada and/or in US, Prorate plates are available. These plates exempt carriers from having to buy trip permits when they enter a jurisdiction.   MORE »