Your distinctive automobile deserves distinctive coverage. Goldmine Insurance is one of the largest one-stop-shop for Auto plan insurance.

From vehicle transfers, to renewals and cancellations, Goldmine Insurance is an Auto plan broker you can count on for all your automobile insurance needs.

In Canada, It is by law to have auto insurance. More over in Canada there are hundreds of auto accidents occur each year and one of the unfortunate results can be inadequate insurance coverage. We understand that finding the right auto insurance for your luxury auto at a cost-effective price can be a challenge

Basic Autoplan

Goldmine Insurance is one of the largest one-stop shops for Autoplan insurance. From vehicle transfers to cancellations, Goldmine Insurance is an Autoplan broker you can count on for all your automobile insurance needs.   MORE »

Trucks & Cargo

When determining your trucking company's premium, the insurance company will consider factors which increase or decrease the chances that a loss will occur, and its potential size. Insurance is a unique product where the actual cost of the product is known only after the product has been sold.   MORE »

Taxi & Fleet

We provide insurance for several major taxi companies in Surrey. Fleet discounts for insurance to five or more vehicles registered by one legal entity or individual.  MORE »

Additional Coverage

Depending upon your personalized needs, a range of extra Autoplan coverages can be customized for your protection. This page summarizes these options and offers more detailed information to help you decide which is right for you.   MORE »


For commercial vehicles that regularly travel within two or more jurisdictions in Canada and/or in US, Prorate plates are available. These plates exempt carriers from having to buy trip permits when they enter a jurisdiction.   MORE »


There are many ways for you to save on Auto Insurance. Talk to one of our helpful specialists, or browse the following list to see if any discounts apply.  MORE »