Home Insurance Services
Offered by Goldmine Insurance - Surrey, BC

Goldmine Insurance can help you insure your unique home. We make sure your investment and property is protected by choosing right insurance coverage that is best suited for you

Home Insurance

With our experience and our talented and knowledgeable staff we are committed to provide you with the home insurance package that is exclusively tailored to best fit your needs.   MORE »

Glass Coverage

While replacing glass might not seem very expensive to those who have never had to pay for it, glass can be extremely costly, especially in the case of specialty glass such as plate glass, UV-resistant glass, or double paned glass.   MORE »

High Value Home

If you have a high valued home, it is important to protect your investment with a high valued homeowners insurance policy. Regular homeowner policies have limitations on coverage for valuable items.   MORE »

Home Based Business

When your workplace is also your home-base then you might be under the mistaken belief that your business is insured under the liability and contents coverage you have with your home insurance policy.   MORE »


As a tenant or renter, you will want to make sure that your contents will be replaced in the event of a major loss. You could incur sizeable expense to replace stolen or damaged furniture, clothing, jewelry, IT equipment and other personal property.   MORE »


Goldmine Insurance specialists can help you get the right amount of coverage for your condominium above what your building association's policy covers.   MORE »