Additional Autoplan Coverage

Depending upon your personalized needs, a range of extra Auto plan coverage can be customized for your protection. The table below summarizes these options and offers more detailed information to help you decide which is right for you.

Extended Third Party Liability: Third-Party Liability surpasses the Basic Autoplan limit, and can cover you for damages between $200,000 and up to $5 million to cover a claim if you are deemed responsible for damages or injuries to others as a result of a crash.

Accident Benefits: If you can’t work, Accident Benefits will cover your disability up to $300 a week. If you prefer more coverage, ask your broker if you qualify for an Income Replacement policy.

Excess Underinsured Motorist Protection: Covers you or your passengers in a crash where the driver who is found responsible doesn’t have enough coverage to pay for damages or injuries caused. Excess Underinsured Motorist Protection increases your maximum benefit from $1 million to $2 million.

Protection against Hit-and-Run and Uninsured Motorists: If your costs are more than $200,000, your Underinsured Motorist Protection may provide coverage up to $1 million. UMP is not available in the case of a hit and run that occurs off-highway.

Loss of Use: Can cover the costs of getting alternative transportation for you while your vehicle is being repaired

Vehicle Travel Protection: Helps offset the costs of having your vehicle stolen or involved in a crash while you’re on a trip or away from home.

Roadside Plus: Provides eight coverages (including loss of use, theft deductible waiver, lock rekeying and rental vehicle coverage) for one economical price.

RoadStar package: A package of coverages available at a discount for select BC drivers.

Vehicle registration & licensing: All vehicles which operate in BC must be registered. Registration allows any transactions related to the vehicle to be recorded and forms part of a permanent record maintained by ICBC. It identifies you as its owner.

AirCare certification: Most vehicles licensed must pass an Air-Care test before their first insurance renewal. These vehicle emission tests are required before the vehicle can be insured and requirements for the tests vary according to the age of your vehicle. For more information about whether your vehicle needs to be Air-Care certified, contact our team

Vehicle inspections & Standards: In some cases, your vehicle may need a vehicle inspection under the Vehicle Inspection Program (run by the Ministry of Transportation’s Commercial Vehicle Safety & Enforcement branch) For more information, and to access a list of Designated Inspection Facilities, please see the Commercial Vehicle Safety & Enforcement website.

Specialty license plates: There are a number of license plate choices available when you register a vehicle in BC. These include:

  • 2010 Winter Games plate
  • Collector plate
  • Farm plates
  • HAM radio plate
  • Personalized plate
  • Veteran plate
  • Vintage plate For more information on specialty license plates, contact our team

Save on auto insurance

  • If you had not claimed you’ll save up to 43% on your Autoplan Basic premium. For more information on the Claims Rated Scale, ask our Gold mine representative or go to
  • Vehicle theft has become a growing problem in BC. Get discount on your premium by installing the right type of anti-theft device.( Get maximum reduced premium having an electronic immobilizer professionally installed in your vehicle).
  • If you’re insuring five or more vehicles, you may be eligible for a fleet discount.
  • Drivers who are age 65 or older or who have a disability may qualify for additional discounts.
  • Antique and collector plates offer insurance at a lower rate for special vehicles
  • The age and condition of your vehicle may determine the type of auto insurance you need. Be sure to ask your broker to review your insurance coverage every renewal to ensure you are purchasing the right level of protection.
  • Look at buying bundled (over buying them separately) coverages such as RoadStar and Roadside Plus. In the case of Roadside Plus, you get eight coverages for one affordable price.
  • Premium depends on type and use of vehicle (The type of vehicle you’re insuring is one of the factors that is involved in determining your premium. Typically, the more a vehicle costs to repair, the higher the premium will be. If your vehicle is insured for to-and-from work and you’re only using it for pleasure, notify your broker.

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